Given that this clock is based around a specific VCR drum with a specific controller, I doubt that anyone else will be building one by just etching a board, soldering and loading code.

So, as I am a firm believer in Free Software and hardware, and I think that some aspects of this code and designs may be useful to some people in other ways, I am making these files available for download.

In learning how to use microcontrollers, I have spent ages looking for sample code snippets for how to do blah but often not found much, so I hope you can find something useful here. In particular, I think the I2C and RC5 routines may be useful, though I plan to release them seperately and better documented.

Please dont ask me how to get the parts for it and build it, unless you already have done the necessary adaptations to the drum that you plan to use.

Eagle files

These eagle files generally do NOT contain values for most of the passive parts - I picked the actual values whlst populating the final board. I have also occasionally used the wrong part types, simply because the footprint matched (eg drew one diode type whilst actually using a completely different one). There are also some board level corrections.

Eagle files (1.5Mb) (Creative Commons Attribution Licence)

PIC code

The code is based on the Vasco PUF Framework, and requires that to be installed for it to work. Unless you want to build a similar clock, the code is more useful for snippets and learning. In particular, the rc5.[hc] and i2c.[hc] files may be useful.

Source code (300k) (GPL Version 2 Licenced)

Copyright © 2008.